The main purpose of our Foundation is:

  • Support / setup projects to conserve species included in our foundation.
  • Get people with interests in herbivorous lizards together.
  • Collect data and information about herbivorous lizards.
  • Redistribute data and information about herbivorous lizards.

We use these achievements to improve the quality of life of all herbivorous lizards. In the wild and in captivity.

For our existance we depend on the income trough donations. This way, we try to support conservation projects as much as we can.
With your grant we are able to support more conservation projects.

You can support us by donating through the Paypal button below.

Or through a bank transfer by using:
IBAN: NL06 INGB 0000 0528 74
St. Doelgroep Groene Leguanen, Haarlem, Netherlands.

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