It is advisable to put together a first aid kit for reptiles at home.

Next items can be used on reptiles:

  • bandage spray: this is a disinfecting spray which will also stop the bleeding. It is sprayed over the wound, and will form a protective, waterproof flexible thin layer over the wound, like a band-aid. The wound will be protected against dirt, water and bacteria.
  • Magnifying glass: very useful for closer inspection of wounds, skin disease or mites. Mites are as big as the dot on the i. Therefore handy for good observation.
  • Tweezers: sloping flatted model. The pointy model is not advisable as it can cause harm
  • Betadine ointment or Nolvasan: this is a medication which disinfects and kills certain bacteria. Apply on small wounds and when disinfecting the skin. Betadine covers the wound and protects it against intrusion of bacteria.
  • Cavasan eye ointment: broad spectrum antibiotic for treatment of wounds.
  • Fysiological water: the human bodily fluid contains approximately 0.9% salts. These fluids are blood, sweat, and tears. At the drugstore, you can buy fysiological water that can be used for rinsing wounds and eyes. Fysiological water is nothing more than water and salt. In contradiction to common water, fysiological water does not sting when rinsing a wound or eye.
  • Hydrophilic gauze: can be cut in different sizes, and handy for cleaning wounds. Never use with burn wounds!
  • Hydrophilic bandage: for tying up wounds
  • Coflex grease bandage: this is an elastic auto-attach bandage that lets the air through. This helps to stop bleeding, with correct use, it will not cut off the bloodflow.
  • Tape: lets air through, used for holding bandages.

Author, Evert Henningheim