Excessive blood-potassium ratio

A high potassium-level in the blood can be caused by the following things:

  • an excessive retention of potassium through the digestive track
  • raised production of the additional thyroid gland
  • aggressive tumors that affect the bone structure
  • excessive production of the thyroid gland
  • vitamins A and D poisoning (when highly dosed, vitamin D can cause bones to dissolve and potassium to be usurped in high doses through the colon

A highly aggravated blood-potassium ratio can cause defects concerning the bone structure, heart conditions, shock, kidney failure and even death. It might be that bone- and heart failures are not immediately noticeable, when the Iguana goes in to renal failure or shock, death is almost certain. The best way to avoid al these conditions is to be very careful when administering potassium and liquid vitamin D. The best and safest way to supply the Iguana with sufficient vitamin D is to expose the Iguana to direct or artificial UVB light.

Direct means there are not supposed to be any glass or plexi windows between the source of the light and the Iguana. There does exist a kind of plexi that lets the UVB rays filter through.
Potassium intake needs to be carefully watched and never to be overdosed.
Author: Evert Henningheim

Elliot R. Jacobson, DVM, PhD, DACZM (2003) Biology, Husbandry, and Medicine of the Green Iguana. Original edition., Krieger Publishing Company, Malabar, Florida, USA.

Source: Dr. Marja Kik, veterinarian for reptiles